Compassion Data Analysis Tool

Project from Compassion

The proliferation and availability of data and data sources is opening up a wealth of information for individuals and organizations to leverage in their decision-making process. Many organizations are leveraging proprietary and public data sources and data science to drive their strategies and business models. At Compassion International, we’re looking to better use data to drive our decisions such as where to look for the next local implementing church partner, what country to expand into, or the type of technology to deploy to an area. We want to take data from sources such as the World Bank, UNICEF, and country-specific datasets along with our own data to better understand the poverty situation around the world.
The goal of this project proposal is to create a tool with the ability to import various data (via .csv, json, api, xml, etc.) and cleanse the data to a common structure and field formatting that could be used with Tableau or other BI tools to create visual analytics. The project team will begin with determining the technical approach and technologies needed to address the problem and then design and build the project.
As the sponsor of the project, Compassion International will provide a use case and the necessary data files for the initial implementation of the new tool. We also serve as the product manager for the project to provide direction and clarity to members of the project.
We are looking for data engineers/architects, data analysts, DBAs and QA engineers to support this project.

Project Scenario and Data Files: