Rock RMS

(From Rock RMS) An enterprise-level relationship management system and open source community designed to power churches and promote collaboration.


(from Life.Church Open Network) Designed to simplify the logic of a React application by removing the need for conditional code and putting all state conditions in one place.


(from YouVersion) DNAQuery is a command line utility, written in Go, to take LogDNA archives and load them into BigQuery.

Project Lighthouse

(from Project Lighthouse) Help build a mobile app platform for pastors and non-profits to make it "easy to serve and be served".


(from YouVersion) A set of tools to enable a standardized methodology of building Docker containers and deploying them to Kubernetes using GitLab CI.


(from YouVersion) A collection of React UI components from YouVersion and the Open Digerati Team used to build consistent, clean, and delightful user-interfaces.