What Is Open Digerati?

o·pen | adjective | 1. characterized by ready accessibility and a generous attitude

di·ge·ra·ti | noun | 1. People with expertise in digital technology. 2. People with unique skills and passions focused on leveraging technology to reach the world for Jesus

How can the Church be more effective in leveraging technology for Christ?  How can we collaborate through open source to have a great Kingdom impact?  How can a community of individual contributors and churches join up to build the tools and tech that will reach the world for Jesus?

Let’s answer these questions together.

Open Digerati is a place to give and take—to contribute to powerful technology projects, share code and ideas, and connect with other digerati in the Church.  

You’ll find projects from YouVersion, Life.Church, Project Lighthouse—and from many others in the future.

Here at Life.Church we’re excited to see all God will do as we—and dozens of other churches and product teams—open up projects, products, and key learnings. It’s the next step in what we call “digital missions,” and we’re committed to pioneering it alongside passionate digerati just like you.


So, let’s meet. Join the Open Digerati conversation and see how you can actively contribute to the mission of leading more people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.